Common Questions and ANswers about Courses provided by the pittsburgh area chapter of the aci

Does the Pittsburgh Area Chapter offer Out of Sequence certification sessions?

Yes. The Pittsburgh Area Chapter does consider out of sequence certification sessions for ACI Field Testing Technician Level I, ACI Flatwork Finisher Technician, ACI Strength Testing Technician Level I and ACI Aggregate Testing Technician Level I. Out of sequence testing is done at the convenience of the chapter. As a result, higher alternate pricing for the tests and additional fees apply in order to schedule and administer out of sequence certification sessions. Please contact the chapter for more information and pricing on out of sequence certification sessions.

Where and when are ACI Certification classes held?

Our classes are mainly administered October through March. We try to hold the classes in different locations to accommodate our geographical jurisdiction.


What is the difference in recertifying vs. becoming certified for the first time?

From a testing standpoint there is no difference. Whether you are obtaining your certification for the first time vs. renewing your certification you still must take both the written and performance exams. The only difference would be if you would choose not to attend the review portion of the course (Day 1). However, most people choose to partake in the review because of the changes that may have been implemented since your initial certification.


What is the itinerary for the two-day Grade I course?

Day 1: (includes continental breakfast) • Classroom review for the written test in the morning then break for lunch. • Hands-on training utilizing the actual equipment used for testing in the afternoon. Day 2: • Written exam administered at 7:00 am. • Performance exams are performed thereafter at 8:30, 9:30, 11:00 or 12:30. Individuals are scheduled for these time slots as registration forms are received.


Is PennDOT (NECEPT) and ACI Certification the same thing?

NO. When working for PennDOT, concrete technicians are required to maintain the PennDOT (aka NECEPT) certification. This certification can be obtained from NECEPT at You must have a current ACI technician certification PRIOR to registering for the NECEPT class and testing. Once the NECEPT certification is obtained, the ACI certification is no longer required to maintain NECEPT certification. However, if your NECEPT certification lapses for any reason, current ACI certification will be required once again to take the NECEPT certification class and recertify with NECEPT. An important thing to note: PennDOT is the only body recognizing NECEPT certification. ACI certification is still required by ASTM standards for technicians testing concrete on non-PennDOT projects.


Are ACI Certificiation Programs compliant with the Americans with Disability Act?

YES. Individuals with disabilities requiring special accommodations must contact the ACI Certification Department for further information on how to proceed. All requested for special accommodations under ADA are handled on a case-by-case basis and must be made allowing enough time for evaluation and appropriate action by ACI. To contact he contact the ACI Certification Department regarding ADA issues, call 248-848-3790.